Phantom Lullaby

Animated Film: Phantom Lullaby

Phantom Lullaby is a short animated film for a poem by Elise Kelly. 

I started by planning and sketching the main composition and flow in Adobe Photoshop. Proceeded to making an Animatic in Adobe Animate, and then got to the fun part: hand drawing all of the elements with 6-8b pencils, scanning, and moving them together in a mixture of classic & cutout animation with Adobe After Effects to make the final result.

Was made as part of the Moving Words project by ARTS By The People

Boom Yam

Boom Yam

Boom Yam is an imaginary chewing gum brand that magically changes your age. 

The project includes character design for animation, and three commercials made in classic frame by frame animation.

Made as part of an animation class guided by Guy Harlap. 

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Animate & After Effects



A project for singer and song writer Tal Zohar David. 
Final products include an animated videoclip and illustrated assets for social media and publications platforms 

Made with Abode Photoshop & After Effects