here are some of my favorite projects so far

Comic Book: How I Quit Smoking

I used to be a heavy smoker, and quitting was one of the hardest things I ever did. 

All the reasons to quit, the emotional whirlwind, the struggles and the memories of a decade with cigarettes- all documented in this 50 page comic book I wrote, sketched and planned in Adobe Photoshop, illustrated with ink & watercolors, and designed and organized for print in Adobe InDesign.

My Final project at Shenkar. 

Original Spreads

Animated Film: Phantom Lullaby

Phantom Lullaby is a short animated film for a poem by Elise Kelly. 

I started by planning and sketching the main composition and flow in Adobe Photoshop. Proceeded to making an Animatic in Adobe Animate, and then got to the fun part: hand drawing all of the elements with 6-8b pencils, scanning, and moving them together in a mixture of classic & cutout animation with Adobe After Effects to make the final result.

Was made as part of the Moving Words project by ARTS By The People

Illustrated Guidebook: Psychoactive Plants

A curated list of psychoactive mushrooms, cacti & flowers.

For this guidebook I created an illustrative language in Adobe Illustrator, inspired by the combination of
nature and chemistry.  
Book layout and design was made in Adobe InDesign.

Made as part of a typography class guided by Kobi Franko. 
Fonts by אאא – click to see my design featured in their website!

Book Illustrations

Poster Design: Victorian Horror Stories

A series of five Illustrated posters full of color, details and character design, inspired by the following stories:
• The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
• The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
• The Viy by Nikolai Gogol
• House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe
• Lost Hearts by M.R. James

Sketched and planned with Adobe Photoshop
Made with ink and watercolors as part of an illustration class guided by Yirmi Pinkus

Size A3 

Exhibition Mural: POPUP Museum 2022

Wall painting I made For 2022’s POPUP Museum event.

Illustration inspired by early covid times when we were all mostly inside our homes.

Exhibition curated by Yaara Zacks

Spray paint, 2.85 m

Storyboard: Imiq

In this project the challenge was designing a character (both young & older versions) and picking the best 9 frames to tell a complete story. In this case, a story about a girl named Imiq and her long lost friend.
(Right to left) 

Made with Adobe Photoshop as part of a Comics class guided by Asaf Hanuka

Movie Poster: Jumanji 1995

Movie poster for Jumaji 1995.

I rewatched Jumani countless times.
The main focus of this poster is what got to me the most about the movie- the growing up Alan Parrish never got to experience in the real world, a kid forever trapped in an adults body.

Made with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop as part of an illustration class Asaf Ben Harush

Animated Commercial Series: Boom Yam

Boom Yam is an imaginary chewing gum brand that magically changes your age. 

The project includes character design for animation, and three commercials made in classic frame by frame animation. My main focus and challenge in this project was making a fun character that communicates well with no words, only body movements and a lot of attitude.   

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Animate & After Effects as part of an animation class guided by Guy Harlap.

A Book For Morbid Children: Look Hamlet

My version for Barbo Lingren’s children’s book “Look Hamlet”.
In the book there are 20 A5 Ink illustrations, design and layout for print in Adobe InDesign. Much inspired by Edward Gorey, and New Orleans Voodoo. Made as part of an illustration class guided by Batia Kolton.

The font is based on the hand lettering of Edward Gorey.


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